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Shepherdsville, KY
Amish Made Cabins--Portable Cabins

Delivery is calculated from Shepherdsville Kentucky (unless stated otherwise) to the delivery address and only includes setting the cabin onto the customer provided foundation or leveling with concrete blocks. Due to various county codes in select areas the customer may be responsible for hiring a licensed contractor to secure the cabin to the foundation. Complete set up and anchoring is included in Kentucky.

Hooking up electric and plumbing on site is the responsibility of the customer.
Cabins can and are recommended to be placed upon a concrete block crawlspace foundation. They can also be placed on piers, basements or gravel/concrete pads. We'll provide you with foundation plans specific to your cabin size and style. Foundation installation is the responsibility of the customer. Customer may hire any foundation person they wish as long as the specs we provide for the foundation are followed. Customer is responsible to instruct the foundation person where the cabin is to be placed and the orientation of the cabin on the property. 

Delivery is free for the first 200 miles from Shepherdsville Kentucky

*Delivery is based on $7.50 per loaded mile plus any required escorts, permits, over night stays, etc. due to the delivery location, distance or required DOT route.

*Shipping of cabin kits is based on $3.50 per loaded mile plus any required escorts, permits, over night stays, etc. due to the shipping location, distance or required DOT route.

Delivery mileage is estimated at the time the contract is written, but due to road construction and/or any other unforeseen situation DOT may have to re-route the driver at the time of delivery resulting in additional mileage. Should this happen the driver will provide proof additional mileage was required and will bill the customer directly at $7.50 per loaded mile. This rarely happens, but can occur. The driver will do their best to notify the customer before delivering however this is not always possible if re-routing occurs mid-transport.

Our driver uses a semi and custom trailer to deliver our pre built cabins almost anywhere if the roads are wide enough and there are no low hanging tree limbs, wires, etc. We require a minimum of 16' width, 15' height and 100' of length to adequately deliver the cabin. More difficult sites with steep unpaved grades, loose dirt, tight turns, etc. may require a bulldozer or crane be used (responsibility of the customer). It is always recommended to have an 80hp dozer or tractor onsite during delivery. 

Customer is responsible for clear un-obstructed access to the delivery site and drivers are not allowed to cut trees, remove fencing or do any excavating or obstruction removal, etc. Customer is responsible for any additional equipment needed at the site for delivery or setting the cabin, such as cranes, crane operator, bulldozers, etc. While Amish Made Cabins makes every effort to arrive within the time frame for delivery that we give you, outside events may keep us from doing so. Amish Made Cabins is not responsible for wait times for crane operators and equipment rented by customer should this occur.

Our driver will obtain the standard wide load permits and delivery includes one escort vehicle. Some states may require additional permits and/or escorts (pilot cars).

Site Visits are recommended for those with delivery concerns. Site Visits are not available in all areas and are $250. This amount will be deducted from the total cabin cost if the customer purchases from Amish Made Cabins.
Video below is of a smaller cabin being delivered onto a gravel pad and leveled with blocks.