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Depending on your custom floor plan not all cabin styles are available as an Olympic T
The Olympic T

Looking for more square footage? The Olympic T is 2 or more cabins connected together for maximum space. Featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, several closets and a full 6' porch lets design the perfect layout for you!

Olympic T Features

-6' Front porch kit running the length of the cabin***
-Steps and awning for rear entry
-Insulated to code*
-Electric with 200 amp service, fixtures and smoke alarms
-Two Bedrooms
-Bedroom closets
-Water heater closet
-Laundry closet 
-Two bathrooms with toilet, sink, vanity, your choice tub or shower and exhaust fan
-14' Kitchen with upper, lower cabinets and sink
-Up to 6 insulated windows
-Shutters (front side only)
-Up to 3 entry doors with windows
-Up to 3 cosmetic dormers
-On demand tankless water heater
-Metal or shingle roof
-Your choice of colors
-Connection of cabins****

***Porch labor not included / Built on site porches available in KY only
***Each entry includes one set of 4 steps. Raised foundations requiring additional treads will be charged $50 per tread.

****Connection of cabins on site is available in KY only

*Cabins and Cottages are insulated to meet Zone 4 residential codes. Cabins delivered outside this area may incur additional charges to meet code.

Porch Labor / Kentucky Only

6x28 - $1966
6x32 - $2247
6x36 - $2528
6x40 - $2808
6x48 - $3370

Standard sizes priced, however the Olympic T can be customized and additions can be as small as 6x10 up to 14x48. 

Connection of cabins must be side to end. Cabins cannot be connected end to end or side to side.

Cabins delivered outside of Kentucky may require a locally licensed contractor to connect the cabins on site.
Please Note: The Olympic T floor will run in opposite directions where the two cabins meet.

Olympic T Connection Options

Olympic T Standard Floor Plan